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NBC&BC - New Till & Membership Card System

Dear Member,


We are introducing a new till system to the club next week to support our need to modernise, to see where we can reduce waste and ensure we gain best value from our purchasing activities, alongside better visibility of stock holding.  We aim to offer the best possible value to our members to go with the great service provided by the Hospitality Team, led by Mandie Hickson.  

The new system brings with it the need to provide new membership cards.  The new cards will be available to collect from Wednesday, 12th May onwards, from Mandie and the team at NBCBC.  


Membership cards 
If you have money loaded on your current card, the money will be transferred onto the new card by Wednesday morning.  The card will be live and ready to use.
The new card numbering system is different to the old numbering system so you will be allocated a new number
The membership number is printed on the card
Names will not be printed on the card for security reasons
All members (including Juniors) will receive a full membership card
Juniors can collect their card on Friday evening during Junior nets.  Any Junior who doesn't collect on Friday can collect from the bar.
Please note - if your 2021 membership subscription has not yet been paid, the card can still be used to pay for bar purchases, but discounts will not be available.  


All members who have funds on their card will be asked to sign for the new card upon collection and will receive a till receipt showing the value held. 

We would ask you to present your card at the bar when making purchases in future so that the appropriate discount can be applied automatically every time.  Following a return to normal activities in June, we hope to introduce a points based system so that when the card is used, further promotions and discounts will be applied for the member to collect.  Unfortunately, points cannot be allocated to a card if the card is not presented at the time of purchase.

Further details on the points based system and subsequent promotions will be communicated in June - look out for more news on the Club Website, Social Media and WhatsApp groups.

If your details are not currently registered on the membership system and your card is not available from Wednesday, please send an email to the Membership secretary - who will confirm how to proceed.  It could be that your membership has lapsed, so you will be asked to complete a new membership application form which can be downloaded from the Club website or an application form can be supplied by Mandie and any of the Hospitality Team whilst at the bar.  A new membership card can then be produced within a few days.  

Many thanks,

Tim Watkins
Temporary Club Chairman


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