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NBCC - Access to Birkenhead Park Cricket Club

The following has been received regarding access to Birkenhead Park Cricket Club:


I hope you are all well and enjoying the cricket and lovely weather.  

Can I just remind all Clubs that unfortunately the Birkenhead Park gates are still not being opened for vehicular access or parking.  We are in discussion with the Park with regard to Parking and access but it is still a work in progress. Can you remind your players that they will need to allow a little extra time to park and walk to the gates with their kit. The nearest gates are the ones situated near the bottom of Slatey Road (next to Birkenhead Park School).  Players will also have to be careful how they park their cars - do not park partially on the pavement near the pedestrian gate as you are likely to get a parking ticket.  I am aware that someone from another Club was issued with a ticket and we have also had our own players and junior parents given tickets.

I will also be reminding our own players that they should not park in front of the gates that have a sign on them asking for them to remain clear as access is needed for emergency vehicles.  We do have a key in an emergency or for deliveries but it makes sense that the gates are kept clear at all times.  It is difficult to police the public with regard to this and invariably when I am down there waiting for a delivery they will ignore the sign.  However, we as a Club should be leading by example and I will have a chat with the players and volunteers to reiterate this.

Do keep well everyone and we look forward to welcoming teams to the Park this season.


Sheena Turner
Hon. Secretary
Birkenhead Park Cricket Club

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