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Update: 15th June:

The grass wicket is now available to use.
There are two tracks and a number of positions on each track.
The use of the tracks and positions needs to be rotated to ensure an even use.
Please use cones to mark run ups rather than scraping the outfield turf.
The use needs to continue to be weather and ground dependant ie. if there has been rain and the track is still damp, use common sense and switch to the nets when necessary.
Please continue to book through Eddie Shiff.
Thanks, Andy London, Cricket Chairman

Update 5th June:

Following the ECB update regarding people training together, please note an amendment to point 5 from the previously issued club guidelines;

5. 3 people may now use a net together with a maximum of 6 people in the net enclosure.
A group of 6 people may train together on the outfield or on the grass wicket, when this is made available.

Social distance rules of 2m still apply.
Booking system through Eddie Shiff still remains in place. All names of participants must be given to Eddie.
Subs must have been paid, or an arrangement in place with the membership secretary, BEFORE using the club’s facilities.
All of the other original points below also still apply.


Following the necessary consultation, I’m pleased to announce that we will be reopening the nets, on a reduced basis, from Monday 1st June.
The rules of use are as follows;

1. Only members who have paid their 2020 NBC&BC subscriptions may use the facilities. Subs should be paid in full, or have a firm payment arrangement in place, agreed by the treasurer or membership secretary.
2. Members are reminded that if they have been in recent contact with someone suffering from, or displaying symptoms of Covid-19, or if they are personally displaying any of the symptoms of the virus, they should not visit the club
3. If you start to display symptoms following a visit to the club, the cricket chairman and cricket secretary should be informed immediately.
4. The Clubhouse and Toilets will remain closed.
5. Only two people can use each net at any one time and only every other net must be used ie. Maximum of four people in total in the nets enclose, keeping socially distant. Or, members from the same household my use the nets enclosure together, however, still a maximum of four people in the net enclosure at any given time.
6. The nets will open for a trial period from Monday 1st June and reviewed regularly to ensure correct and safe use.
7. The nets will operate on a booking system. Bookings must be made with the cricket secretary Eddie Shiff via email
Eddie must be given 72 hours notice and all participants names must be stated and remain unchanged. If a person on the booking can no longer attend, all amendments must be authorised by Eddie. There will be no turn up and play option. The opening hours will be 1200-2000 and bookable in slots of 1 hour per session. 4 sessions per individual, per week may be booked. This will be reviewed based on demand.
Members will need to allow 10 mins of their hour to clean up, wipe down equipment, and leave the area before the members who have booked the next slot arrive.
8. In addition to the net enclosure, there will also be 1 grass wicket available for senior members use from Monday 8th June. It will be the responsibility of the members using the grass wicket first on any day to put the net in place, and the last users of the day to remove the net. The roll-on net will need to be cleaned after each time handling it. Members must bring their own spray and cloths to do this.
9. Entry to the nets area will be from the corner of the ground close to the containers, down the hill and across the outfield. Exit from the nets will be against the bowling green fence and up in front of the changing rooms, to avoid contact with people arriving for the next session. Care also needs to be taken to avoid bowlers arriving and departing.
10. The bowling machine must only be used by senior members. Junior members under 18 must have the supervision of an adult. Members are to ensure they have appropriate hand coverings (mitt or gloves) when handling the ball during any skill sessions including when feeding the bowling machine. Where bowling machines are used please ensure they are cleaned thoroughly between uses with dry cleaning products and that all balls used are cleaned with disinfectant. This is the responsibility of the bowling machine operator. Members are to bring and use their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant to clean the bowling machine.
11. Junior members can book a net to train with another junior member, however, the bowling machine can not be used as stated in point 10, and a parent or guardian must be present at the club.
12. Junior members can book 1-2-1 coaching sessions. Enquiries to Andy London. All juniors must have their own equipment ie. Helmet, pads, gloves, bat, box and thigh pad. This is to avoid the sharing of any equipment.

13. Gate to the net must be left open during net hours to avoid unnecessary touchpoints.
14. Maintain a minimum of two metres to meet social distancing requirements including during observed sessions (no handshakes).
15. Ensure all health and safety and emergency first aid guidelines are followed. A first aid kit will be located in the hut in the net enclosure.
16. Players must provide their own equipment, and this must be kept in a zipped bag when not in use.
17. Coach is responsible for collecting all of their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment.
18. Player is responsible for collecting all their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment.
19. Player is responsible for ensuring they have their own refreshments and/or food.
20. If it is a bowling session, player to use their own balls or coach to use plastic balls which have been washed/dried prior to the session – batters to knock or kick ball back to the bowler and not throw it as usual – the batter should not handle the balls.
21. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.
22. No spectators are permitted in the net enclosure. Parents should observe the 2m social distance guidelines while waiting.

If you have any queries on any of the above points, please contact me via a direct message.

Best of luck with our delayed outdoor restart 🏏👍🏼


In addition, bookings and availability of nets can be viewed on the following link in order to streamline the booking process



Andy London, Cricket Chairman

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