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NBCC - Free new e-learning Stage 1 umpires course

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ECB ACO Umpire Education Stage 1


During these times of self isolation more and more remote offerings are becoming available. We are fortunate ECB ACO are now making available a newly branded online e-learning Stage 1 Umpires Course.


By releasing this now as a free to register course the benefits to both existing umpires sitting at home looking for something to do, as this can now be treated as a ‘Refresher,’ and the future engagement and recruitment of new umpires to the game which could well prove significant.


Registration is by the usual manner, please use the URL link –

which takes you direct to the ECB registration webpage.


E-learning log in details are then sent through as with any course with an online element.


On completion of all elements of e-learning participants will be able to download their certificate of attendance.


Eddie Shiff

Cricket Secretary

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