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NBC&BC - New Brighton Quarry Vikings Club Handicap 2018

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A new name on the trophy after Richard beat last year’s winner Paul in the final. Thanks again to those of you who came to watch tonight’s games as well as last week’s club championship, marking cards, measuring, making drinks and supporting your team mates. For both comps we had roughly 30 entries in each, which was brilliant.


Results below:


Last 8 – difference in handicap in brackets


Gally 9 v Paul (2) 15

Kye 11 v Margie (2) 15

Ryan 10 v Richard (3) 15

Trevor 15 v Johnathan (1) 13


Semi Finals


Paul 15 v Margie (2) 8

Richard (1) 15 v Trevor 11




Paul 9 v Richard (3) 15


Winner with Chairman

Finalist with Chairman


Paul Johnson


New Brighton Quarry Vikings 

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